The Future of Saint Pasta

The Future of Saint Pasta

When I started Saint Pasta 5 years ago I never thought it would grow a cult following. I just wanted to bring some of the foods I grew up eating in New Jersey to Arizona, mostly for me and my friends. Here I am 40,000 bowls of rigatoni vodka later writing a blog post to thousands of people asking “where TF did you go?”

Running Saint Pasta those last couple years in Downtown Phoenix was intense and more than a little draining. Dad joke translation; I was burning the rigatoni at both ends.

Seriously though, the strain of running such a high-paced pasta party was taking a toll. It started affecting my health and my relationships with people I care about. So in August 2022 I made the tough decision to close Saint Pasta.💔 

In the quiet aftermath I found myself asking “wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy Saint Pasta at home without the rigors of a 3-hour waitlist?”

So, I rolled the dice on a limited sauce drop. And damn, you folks didn't just like it – you fuckin loved it. (see IG video of drop #3)

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Our text list exploded, with over 10,000 of you signing up after just three drops and that one Gemini Pizza collab (R.I.P.).

Given the wild response, I'm diving headfirst into the Saint Pasta home experience. We're zeroing in on that legendary Vodka sauce right now, but trust me, there's way more in the pipeline, including ✨national shipping✨.

And for those of you pining for a brick-and-mortar? It's not off the table, I love curating an experience. But the stars gotta align just right. In simpler terms? 🥰Buy those sauces, and you'll make it happen sooner.🥰

As for my goal with Saint Pasta 2.0, I want you to  be able to whip up a restaurant quality pasta dish at home, as effortlessly as you'd make instant ramen.

That way, if I ever take another year-long break you won't miss me too much.  😉

Saint Pasta

📢📢Drop #4 is happening Sept 22, 2023. (Pickup: Oct 2nd)  If you are on our text or email list you'll be sent the order link when it goes live. Pick-up location info will be available on drop day.📢📢



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