Small Batch Vodka Sauce

Everybody knows Vodka Sauce is king of creamy sauces and that store bought ones taste like sh*t compared to a restaurant.

But the 20,000 people on our text message list agree that our luxury small-batch vodka sauce is like the restaurant made a jar especially for you.

We drop one batch a month and it goes quick. Join the cult.

Saint Pasta Vodka Sauce


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What TF is Saint Pasta?

Saint Pasta was founded in 2019 by a kid from Jersey. It started off as a pasta food truck in Phoenix, Arizona and grew a rabid cult following over 3 years.

People would regularly wait 3+ hours to get their hands on our food. You can find angry virgins talking about it on yelp and google to this day. Just look up Saint Pasta on review sites.

In 2023 we closed the food truck and introduced monthly pasta sauce drops exclusively to 23,000 cool people on our SMS and Email lists.

Once a month we release an allotted number of Vodka Sauce jars to those people then ship it to their doorstep. Usually we are sold out within 90 minutes. So watch your phone. ;)

Can I keep this in my pantry?

Yes. Our vodka sauce is shelf stable for up to one year from the date of bottling. A best by date is stamped on every glass jar. Refrigerate after opening!

Do I have to heat it up?

The sauce is ready to eat but if you're cooking here's some tips:

Pouring a room-temp jar of Saint Pasta Vodka Sauce on piping hot slightly-moist pasta - you'll be just fine. It won't look as smooth but it will cling to your pasta beautifully and be 100% delicious.

If you want the sauce to be a little silkier then warm up your Saint Pasta Vodka Sauce on a low heat. Pull your al dente pasta out of the boiling water and put it straight into the pot of warm vodka sauce. It's ok if the pasta is slightly moist. As you mix it over heat the residual water will evaporate. Once the pasta is fully coated in sauce. You're done.