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Saint Pasta

3-pack Vodka Sauce

3-pack Vodka Sauce

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Listen up, this ain't your run-of-the-mill vodka sauce. Forget that soulless mass-made garbage you get from the same grocery store your mom used to go to. This Vodka Sauce is a small-batch slow simmered holy elixir that we hand-pour straight from the culinary gods to you. The greatest vodka sauce on earth, no reservations required.

What's in this golden Vodka Sauce?

Californian tomatoes, garlic, and onions stew in the finest extra virgin olive oil and sea salt until they fall apart. We then hit it with cream, butter, and a kick of chili bringing together all the flavors in a symphony that would make your dad happy cry.

No additives, no chemicals, just raw ingredients, heat, and time. 

Remember, #AlDenteOrDie.

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